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Clubware 24 Hour Integration


Kudos Security are industry leaders in secure 24 hour gym Technology & Integration.


Our goal is to have every aspect of your gym work seamlessly together.  Our system is not just an access control system, but a full automation utility, combining your gym’s CCTV, Alarm, and access control with your building’s utilities and member management software.


Clubware Facility Management System is known as one of the best designed gym management platforms on the market. Clubware is renowned for its functionality and versatility, being easy to use and affordable for both single location fitness centres as well as multi-site gyms by use of their cloud based technology.


Along with its automatic payment systems, Debitsuccess and Paysmart ClubWare forms a total gym solution product. After ongoing consultation with Clubware, Kudos Security were able to fully integrate our 24 hour automation and security system with their gym membership software.


This means that after normal gym hours when a member scans their access card on the front door of the gym, their details are checked on the Clubware software and only if the member is up-to-date with their payments, allows access to the facility.  Lights turn on and their gym comes to life. Each time a member enters the gym, a record is sent to Clubware allowing the facility to keep accurate records of member activity.


By working alongside one another, our automated 24 hour security system works seamlessly with Clubware’s members records to ensure that only members up-to-date with their payments in Paysmart or Debitsuccess are allowed access the facility, ensuring both the physical security and financial return of your gym.


How much does it cost?


At Kudos Security we are able to offer full 24 hour gym conversions for between $100 and $130 per week, after your company tax deduction. This means that for a small weekly payment, you can heavily reduce staff and running costs, opening your gym up to a new market of members including shift workers. Converting to a 24 hour facility will mean that gym can stay competitive with the growing number of 24 hour gyms coming to the market. The best part is, for most gyms we can do all this without any cash up front.


Download our brochure which explains the Clubware Integration process and why a 24 hour gym system could help your business.


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