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Kudos Security Brisbane is the value-for-investment industry leader in designing comprehensive security solutions for your business.  Our experience and expertise in supplying total security solutions for large corporate buildings, large scale logistics, warehousing, stock management, freight and transport operations will deliver the results you seek.  Our highly qualified, industry savvy technicians know how to talk with your operations & security managers – to identify all the security issues and needs of your operations.  Their experience and expertise will impact on every stage of designing and installing the total security solution which will allow you  to take control of every aspect of your business.


Kudos Security Solutions has a proven, hands-on understanding of the needs, work environments and safety standards that apply in heavy industrial, transport, logistics, stock warehouse operations and corporate environments.  This means we will deliver the total solution you need in access control, digital camera and CCTV surveillance, data and communications, biometric user authentication and intercom systems, on budget and on time, every time.


Kudos will ensure that whether you are upgrading an existing site, constructing a new warehouse or taking over a new freight terminal or corporate facility our design and implementation of your complete security system will result in well planned, uninterrupted protection of your premises.  Our valued clients include undisputed leaders of Australian industry who recognize our excellent communication, efficient project management and high service standards.


Corporate car parks, commercial car parks and airport parking companies are among the fastest growing industries in Brisbane and across Australia. With our busy cities and lack of adequate safe parking near our airports and offices, customers and staff are looking for safe affordable parking in larger numbers each month.


Running a secure car park brings its own challenges. Customers want value for money, while knowing that their car will be safe and secure from the moment they drop it off. That is why having the right CCTV system in your facility is vitally important. Not only does it help ensure your facility remains secure, but can also help protect your staff from being wrongly accused by customers of damage to their vehicles as well as allowing you to monitor performance and safety of your staff.


With our secure car park CCTV system, a high quality image is recorded for each new vehicle entering your facility; this image is taken with a high resolution mega-pixel  IP camera to ensure that the number plate, along with any obvious noticeable damage can be logged and recorded on a secure network video recorder. Our mega-pixel cameras can provide an image 30 times clearer than standard CCTV systems.


Your secure car park CCTV system can be programmed to log a record of each numberplate that enters or leaves your premises, it can also be used to locate where a car is on your premises. Kudos Security have the experience and expertise to ensure your secure car park CCTV system will provide the peace of mind that your company deserves.



Our Design

We design and maintain security systems to our customers’ requirements; these systems can include facial recognition, thermal imaging, and automatic number plate recognition. Our digital IP mega-pixel cameras are up to 30 times higher quality than standard CCTV systems, which means that they can detect if an object has been removed or placed in an area. With our network video recorders (NVR) you can seamlessly watch surveillance cameras from multiple sites at the same time, from anywhere in the world.


Our CCTV systems can be integrated with your building management software, access control and alarm system to create a complete security solution for any building, warehouse or commercial environment.


Benefits of CCTV

Besides the obvious benefit of physical security and theft prevention, having the right CCTV system installed in your premises can prove to be a very effective management tool. Your surveillance system can be used for monitoring your industrial processes for occupational health & safety (OHS), as well as observing personnel and stock movement.




Kudos Security have a wide range of access control products to suit all commercial environments. We install and service access control systems of all sizes, from sites that only require a simple one door setup, to sky rise buildings with a hundred different access points.


For companies located in office blocks, our system can be programmed to ensure that only staff working on a specific floor, are able to gain access via the elevator. Each time an employee enters the building or a specific area, a note of their activity will be made in the access control system. This ensures that each area remains secure, whilst also helping maintain staff productivity.


Access control is an important part of any transportation company’s security precautions. As well as being able to monitor the movements of personnel and assets, an access control system has huge potential in terms of HR, time and attendance and visitor management. These practical applications can help cut costs by streamlining administration time.


Companies operating in the logistics and road transport industries can have a transient population of drivers, contractors and staff, with many vehicles of all sizes requiring easy yet secured access to the premises at different times during the day, throughout Brisbane and Australia.


Goods dealt with by transport companies can range from high value products such as computers and IT equipment to daily goods such as food and household materials, so ensuring access is restricted solely to authorised people is pivotal to security against threats such as theft, vandalism or, in more critical scenarios, tampering with products or vehicles for terrorism purposes.



How Access Control Systems Work


Access control systems are all designed to allow access only to people with the necessary authority to ensure that goods and people are protected, whilst helping manage known or anticipated threats.


Generally, access control systems comprise three parts:


1. The physical barrier

     – to physically restrict access to a building or location via such methods as:


  • Doors; secured by either a magnetic or strike lock
  • Turnstiles, designed to limit access to one person for one card presented.

2. The identification device

    – There are a number of different technologies used to identify users of an access control system, such as:


  • A proximity card
  • PIN pads
  • Biometric (e.g. fingerprint, iris scanning)

3. The access control system

     – The door controller and software are at the heart of the system. The access control system that you choose to have installed will depend on;


  • The number or doors you are looking to secure
  • The number of users that will need access to the site.

Obligation Free Site Survey


Contact us for more information or to request a consultant to carry out a site survey, providing you with options that will suit your requirements and budget.





Kudos Security Brisbane install a wide range of commercial grade intruder alarm systems. Each of our security systems is custom designed to the site specific requirements of each location.


We understand the challenges faced in installing an intruder alarm system in a warehouse environment. Often in these large areas there are multiple doors, access points and high risk areas over a large distance that need to be covered by the intruder alarm system. In order to protect your customers stock, our warehouse range of intrusion equipment includes;


  • Internal / External point to point beams
  • Long range motion detectors
  • Roller door reed switches
  • Wireless motion detectors
  • Tritech microware PIRs
  • Glass break detectors
  • Wireless back to base monitoring
  • Smoke & fire detectors
  • CO2 detectors
  • Duress panic buttons
  • Flood / Moisture detectors


To prevent false alarms, we install Tritech motion detectors which use supervised microwave technology to virtually eliminate false alarms. These high tech motion detectors are purpose built for warehouse applications and can cover areas of up to 300 feet from a single motion detector.


For added security and peace of mind Kudos Security offer a visual verification service. In the event of an alarm activation, our trained operators can log into your CCTV system and see whats happening onsite, only calling the police or guard patrol company if really needed.



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