Kudos Security were one of the first companies in Brisbane to start using IP CCTV. Traditional CCTV systems worked by sending a low resolution image to a digital video recorder (DVR) over a coaxial cable along with a low gauge electrical cable to provide power the camera. The recorder would then compress and store the images onto an internal hard drive. The main drawback to an analogue system is its lack of detail in the image. Each camera would produce an image of up to 4CIF or 704×576, when you would try to zoom in on the image, it would pixelate due to the low resolution.

IP security camera brisbane


IP based CCTV system records an image much larger, up to 6576 x 4384 which is 71 times higher resolution. The result is a clearer sharper image with a lot more detail. On this high definition image you can zoom into the picture a lot more without pixelation, these cameras are perfect if you are trying to achieve a facial ID image or licence plate number. These images are recorded to a networked video recorder (NVR)

For the past couple of years the main disadvantage of IP CCTV systems, was the price. IP system were far more costly than standard CCTV, the larger images meant you needed a lot more digital storage which was expensive. But recently as prices have come down, high definition camera systems have become a lot more affordable, and because they produce such a vast difference in quality, they have become better value for money than the out dated analogue systems.

See the Difference For Yourself

This video demonstrates the difference in image quality that you can expect from a IP camera, compared with even ‘high resolution’ analog cameras. When watching the video, be sure to change the image quality to the highest setting (720p) and view on full screen so that you will be able to see the true resolution of both cameras shown in the video.

Analog CCTV systems are still widely available and are great for homes and small business. However If you would like to see the difference for yourself, contact kudos security for a free site survey. We will come to your business and demonstrate these cameras in person, giving you the ability to make an informed decision between analog and IP based surveillance systems.

Whether you decide to install an IP or analog system, we can help. At Kudos, your security is our business.



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