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iConnect 360 24 Hour Access Control and Automation


iConnect360 is a powerful and intuitive gym management program that is affordable and easy to use.


But what makes iconnect360 stand out from other gym management platforms on the market is its fully functional 24 hour access control integration. Many gym software companies offer ‘access control integration’ but in actual fact you just get a system that can only open a door, with most cloud based systems, if the Internet were to go down, or a computer on-site experience any issues, you would be left with members trying to access the gym but not be able to get in.


iConnect360 access control system is very different.


Each time a members is added or removed from the iconnect360 software, the members details are updated in real time to the automation and access control panel. This means that the members information is not only held in the iConnect360 cloud based server, but actually physically stored in the Concept 4000 access control system. Because this information is in the access control system itself, it means that valid members will always be able to gain access to the gym, no matter what happens to the Internet or computers on-site.


This 24 hour integration with the Concept 4000 access control system puts iconnect360 in a very elite club of gym software companies that have full access control integration.

Because the integration is with such a powerful  automation system rather than a simple door controller, the gym has the ability to be fully automated, rather than just being able to open a door.


How much does it cost?


See more about our Gym solutions and costs here.


How Does The 24 Hour Gym Automation Work?


When a member scans their card on the front door, their information is checked and if the member is valid and up-to-date with their payments, they are granted access, the door opens and the lights and other utilities are automatically turned on. As they work out in the gym, their movements are monitored by 360 degree motion detectors throughout the gym.


If there is no movement detected for a period of time, half an hour for example, a voice module is activated over the sound system, which dips the music and asks the member to rescan their card at reception. If no scan is detected at reception after this, the security system arms and turns off the lights and other utilities, this leads to a reduced power bill but also helps ensure the security of the gym.


Because the 24 hour security system is intuitive, it even knows if a door has been left open after hours. We design our systems so that it knows what time staff arrive and leave. Just before staff are set to arrive in the morning the 24 hour gym system turns on the lights and disables the door alarm. This means that when staff arrive, the lights are on and the door can be left open if needed, after staffed hours however, the staff simply leave, the automation system will then start monitoring the gym and when there is no movement will start controlling the site. After this point in the evening if a door is left open for more than a couple of minutes, a silent alarm will go off, our monitoring station will then log into the cameras and visually verify the situation on the ground, they will then call the key holders to inform them of the situation.


Added Peace Of Mind Through Visual Verification


If a panic button or emergency call station is activated, or if an alarm goes off, our monitoring station once again can dial into the cameras and see the situation on the ground before informing the gym contacts. This way, if they login and see a genuine emergency on-site, they will immediately contact the authorities then inform the key holders of the situation.


At Kudos Security, we are always looking for ways to add features, which will contribute to the total security of the site and the safety of its members. The iconnect360 high level 24 hour gym integration gives you the ability to concentrate on running your business, knowing that your sites security is in good hands. Contact us for more information about our 24 hour gym security systems in both New Zealand and Australia.


Take a look at our brochure which covers the iconnect360 security integration in more detail, or contact us to find out more.


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